ARMADA International was founded by Pastor Bill McRay as a support organization for the ministers of Victory Fellowship Church and its network of churches that are active in the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. ARMADA is designed to assist, equip and govern ministries in reaching their most effective potential.

The intent of ARMADA members should be to unite in the love of Christ for the souls of men and to serve one another in a genuine spirit of fellowship and concern.

  •  The Purpose of Armada International:

    1. To provide an avenue of unity, strength and fellowship between ministers of Victory Fellowship Church and its network of churches.
    2. To help establish ARMADA members in the ministry to which God has called them.
    3. To recognize proven ministries in the Body of Christ as licensed or ordained ministers.
    4. To supply a vehicle through which counsel can be given to a member for the purpose of encouraging accuracy and soundness in doctrine, procedure, ethics and conduct.
    5. To provide a system whereby ministerial replacements and interim ministers for churches or ministries may be recommended and contacted.
    6. To initiate and maintain means through which legitimate ministry projects of ARMADA members may be presented to the ARMADA membership for consideration and/or support (i.e. missionary endeavors, disaster relief, ministry to poor and destitute, etc.).
    7. To assist in producing strong, capable and ethical ministerial leadership in the Body of Christ.
    8. To provide current ministerial information to the ARMADA membership.